At Drive Co. Freight, we take pride in our fleet of trucks and equipment. Our vehicles are modern, reliable, and well-maintained to ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time. We offer a diverse range of trucks and trailers to meet your transportation needs, including:

Our dry van trailers are perfect for transporting a wide range of dry goods, from electronics to textiles. They are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology, allowing us to monitor their location and ensure timely delivery.

Our refrigerated trailers are essential for transporting perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals. They are equipped with advanced temperature control systems, ensuring that the cargo remains at the correct temperature throughout the journey.

Our flatbed trailers are ideal for hauling oversized or heavy cargo, such as construction equipment, lumber, and steel. They are also equipped with secure tie-downs and tarps to protect the load during transport. With the flexibility to load and unload from any side, we can handle even the most complex shipping requirements.

In addition to our standard fleet, we also have specialized equipment to handle unique cargo needs. From lowboys and step decks to double drop trailers and intermodal containers, we have the right equipment for your transportation needs. This allows us to meet the unique needs of our clients and provide tailored transportation solutions.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Drive Co. Freight, safety is our top priority. All our drivers are highly trained and experienced, and our vehicles undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that they are in top condition. We also use the latest technology to monitor our fleet and track shipments in real-time, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your cargo is in good hands.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced trucking company to transport your cargo, look no further than Drive Co. Freight Systems Ltd. With our modern fleet, commitment to safety, and dedication to customer service, we are your trusted transportation partner. Contact us today to learn more about our fleet and how we can help you meet your shipping needs.

Drive Co is trucking done right.